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Fiduciary 401(k) Management 

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One of the best investments you can make into your business is investing in your most valuable asset...Your people.

One of the biggest concerns of employees is will they one day have enough money to be in a financial position to work IF they want to, not because they HAVE to (which is the same concern as executives and business owners).

Addressing this concern is not as simple as setting up any old 401(k) for your employees.

Just like attracting good customers and clients means creating high quality products and services, attracting and retaining good employees that appreciate the investment you made into their financial future requires a high quality 401(k) plan.

The Problem

Here’s what I hear from employees of companies who are not happy with their companies' 401(k) plan:

"I don’t have one and I don’t like that. What am I going to do about my retirement?"

"How do I know which asset allocation is best for me based on my unique situation?"

“My 401(k) rep never spoke to me, ever. Not once!”

“It’s not easy to make the changes I want. The system is not user-friendly.”

(From the plan administrator) “It seems like there are so many regulatory changes happening right now around 401(k)s. How are we supposed to run a business and keep our plan compliant?”

“My company locks half of my vested balance in an annuity account and I can only access a certain percentage per year after I’m 55.”

“I would like to have input into which investment funds we have in the plan or at the very least understand the decision making process around how the investment funds were chosen.”

“I need more education about my company 401(k). They may give out a pamphlet or an email, but that’s it.”

(From the plan administrator) “It’s time consuming to switch from one company to another. Even if the plan might be better, the process is 'painful'. I would like a more streamlined, simpler process.”

The Solution: Stone Hill 401(k)

The Solution: 

Stone Hill 401(k)

Here are the services we provide to help businesses create and manage a high quality 401(k) plan:

Fiduciary guidance:

As fiduciaries we provide objective retirement advice, and we don’t sell products for a commission to our clients. We also keep the investment committee and plan administrator updated on regulator changes that affect their 401(k) plan so they can focus on running the business.

Plan Design:

We study your goals and objectives then help you design a plan tailored specifically for your business.

Investment Policy Statement:

This is a well thought out and disciplined decision making process for how the 401(k) investment committee selects investments for the plan.

401(k) Plan Education:

We educate the 401(k) participants on the investment options in the plan and the ongoing process behind how investments are selected that go into the plan.

customized plans that grow with you:

When speaking with plan participants we make it a point to encourage, record, and listen to the feedback from employees on investment options they would like to see in the plan.

continuing education:

We schedule and teach ongoing 401(k) education sessions for plan participants so they are aware of what options they have and know how to choose the right investments for their specific goals.

Comprehensive Planning:

Plan participants have access to financial planning software that gives them a picture of how their 401(k) plan fits in with their other retirement assets to provide the retirement outcome they are working towards. Our team is also available for annual retirement check ups to see how far on track or off track participants are with their goals and recommend strategies to help improve their plan.

Simplify the setup process:

We do the heavy lifting of negotiating and comparing fees of 401(k) vendors (i.e. record keeper, administrator, investment fund companies, etc.) and hold your hand through the process so you can spend more of your time doing what you do best.

“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want."

- Zig Zigler

Get started today by requesting a no cost consultation and discover how Stone Hill Wealth Management can help your business simplify the management of your 401(k).

Get started today by requesting a no cost consultation and discover how Stone Hill Wealth Management can help your business simplify the management of your 401(k).